What is PLUR?

PLUR stands for  “Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.” This philosophy or outlook started in the rave or electronic dance culture and has grown to have a much more widespread deeper meaning in today’s world. These events and gatherings promote a strong communal sense where PLUR is considered an ideology. It is quite amazing to leave your every day life and feel like you are in another world where everyone is connected by the music and acceptance of once another. That feeling you get when you are inspired by the depth, kindness, and acceptance of human beings is what PLUR means to us at PLUR PARTY.


Events in SOCAL

Click below to see a list of Events coming up in Southern California and other places we believe are just necessary to attend.  Do you have an event you think should be on this list or want to get the word out about? Contact us with the details and we will add it on. Click on the picture below to see our list!

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